How do you get “deep work” done?

gypsybeans-2Lately, I’ve been thinking about my ideal workday. I’ll soon be working two-thirds time as director of Literary Cleveland and would like to spend the rest of my day writing and getting my work out into the world. We’re only talking about a few hours here, since parenting and housework crowd the edges of my days. I write early in morning from 6:30-7:30 before the kids go to school — I’ve been unusually productive lately, and have found ways to focus on writing new work and not get bogged down in revision — but have not yet felt comfortable returning to my work after that.

So, could I continue writing after ferrying Jonathan to where he needs to be for the day? Where would I even do it, and would it require consumption of one $2.55 drink at the coffee shop per day, thereby adding a whole new item to the family budget? If I do this, will I be productive or spin my wheels? Can I complete my Lit Cleveland work in 5 hours a day plus evening events, now that I have some help from interns and part-time staff?

These are the questions that plague my overwrought brain. This article, which Katherine sent me, helped me think about these questions:




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