The Shape of Home to be published by Finishing Line Press

chilcote_lee_websquare-600x600I’m happy to announce that my long journey to publish my chapbook of poems, The Shape of Home, is winding down: the 32-page book will be published by Finishing Line Press in March. Order your copy here:

Here’s the description: “This wry, poignant collection of poems explores how we are shaped by the homes we grew up in and in turn shape the homes we create as adults. Chilcote probes the influence of his childhood, the steadfast nature of love, the joys and drudgery of parenting, and the struggle to maintain a creative life.”

And a kind blurb from my friend and fellow poet Nin Andrews, whose workshop I participated in at Mac’s Backs:

The Shape of a Home is a debut collection of poems that are as refreshingly honest as they are tender, witty, and compassionate. Lee Chilcote is clearly a welcome new voice to American poetry.

~ Nin Andrews, author of Why God Is a Woman and other books

Here are a couple more, from the wonderful Brad Ricca, who read and commented on an early version of this book, and Susan Grimm, a fantastic teacher who also helped me edit it. What the hell, gotta toot your own horn.

This is the poet-as-father-homemaker-musician, who is late to parties, argues about the greatest guitarist of all time, and is left awestruck at the sight of his own father because “Protestants have fathers who / only appear at night.” If the Midwest has a certain tone of voice and subject — as a place that is somehow always the present abruptly set amid the rusty ruins of the past — then this is what Chilcote captures so triumphantly against the din of music, the cloud of booze, the scramble of children, and the presence of Love, who, as in his poem “Caveat Emptor,” is “the architect who shrugs his shoulders.” A delightful, intimate, and thoroughly noteworthy debut.

~ Brad Ricca, author of American Mastodon, winner of the St. Lawrence Book Award

Lee Chilcote is not interested in a vapid beauty that smooths over invisible barriers and difficult loves. The clamor of the world makes itself heard in his poems. His “muses are sirens, trains, barking dogs.” The Shape of Home curves lovingly around children that spring up “like sunflowers,” but these poems report as well on the black thread that runs through desires and dreams.

~ Susan Grimm, author of Roughed Up by the Sun’s Mothering Tongue and other books


2 thoughts on “The Shape of Home to be published by Finishing Line Press

  1. elisepanehal

    I just ordered this book, methinks. Hope it went thru seemed to be cycling but I saw a confirmation. Great about this coming out. I’m editing my poetry now too. I was on a jury duty case this week. Heard your name, but didn’t see you. Lots of people there. All good things,


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