The Poetree Project: Bringing poetry to people

poetree imageLast August, before Literary Cleveland was really even a thing, I got together with some neighbors on my street and wrote a proposal to Neighborhood Connections. I was inspired by the lovely poetry-filled cedar box that Bobbi Reichtell and Mark McDermott had placed on a tree in their front yard on Franklin. I decided to help create “The Poetree Project,” which will sprinkle 10 similar boxes on trees and fences throughout our immediate neighborhood (West Clinton, West 75th, West 74th, West 65th and Franklin in the Detroit Shoreway community). We were funded by Neighborhood Connections so now the project is underway. We’ll be announcing more soon, but our goal here is to get great (and some locally-written) poetry out into the public realm, to inspire people, to bring the arts district into the neighborhood, engage youth and adults in writing, beautify the area, and have fun. This summer and fall, we’ll be doing a launch event in the reading garden at Franklin and West 65th and holding writing workshops / poetree writing parties. Many thanks to the neighbors who have joined our committee and helped out so far. If you want to learn more, you can like this Facebook page, where more info will be posted soon. Note that the image above is a poetry box from another community — we’ll be posting images of ours soon, as they’re under construction.


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