Getting braces might be the best thing ever

IMG_0695In  just about every angst-ridden 80s movie, braces were the scourge of a teen’s existence, something that ruined your life and exiled you from your peer group. These days, dentists put on braces much earlier, as we found out, and our girl Emily thinks they’re pretty much the coolest thing ever. She got to pick out the color (turquoise) as well as a tie-dye retainer. It’s a sign of her getting older and how fast our lives are moving that she’s adept at managing the process of knowing what to eat, cleaning her teeth after each meal, putting her retainer in at night and taking it out again in the morning. She is so happy about her braces.

Conversation with Jonathan (who is very reluctantly giving up the pacifier, and as a result much more conversational) this week:

“Jonathan, do you want to go to the store with daddy or stay here with mommy?”

“I want ice cream.”

The kids kind of went crazy with the warmer weather this week. It’s a double-edged sword: on the one hand, we can play outside, on other hand the spring buds seem to send raging hormones coursing through their tiny frames. They’re paralyzed by the possibilities of play and instead stand in the driveway screaming, “I don’t know what to do!”

At one point during dinner this week, it got so loud that I just took my bowl of ice cream and sat outside in the chilly 55 degree night air and ate it. Sometimes you have to grab peace where you can find it.

Another entry in the Emily-growing-up-too-fast department: she greeted Katherine when she came home after a night out with the admission, “I was struggling without you here.”

I’m writing a story for Next City about the Ballot Box Project in Collinwood. This week I got to observe the project in action: pretty impressive.


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