Poems published in Kawsmouth and Blast Furnace, story about Great Lakes in Crain’s, the Red Line Greenway

The view from the RTA bridge on the proposed Red Line Greenway

My poem “Cloudburst” was published in a journal called Kawsmouth and “Rites of Passage” ran in Blast Furnace. Here they are:


Blast Furnace won’t link easily to the poem, so I’m including it here:

Rites of Passage

Catholics have transubstantiation
but Protestants have fathers
who only appear at nighttime to brush our foreheads,
then one day when you’re five or seven
you bump into him in the hallway
like a tall wisp of smoke.

I first saw my father in the daylight
when I got up to deliver the newspapers on our street.
I trudged downstairs, half-awake,
and found him in the kitchen
eating a bowl of Cheerios.

I wasn’t good at waking up early,
a prerequisite for my job,
so the papers were often late.
Yet seeing Dad with the sports section
like a unicorn in a sudden clearing
made it worthwhile.

He looked up and smiled at me.
The room smelled of aftershave
like a priestly incense.
He offered words of encouragement
then drove off in his Cutlass Supreme
as I slogged through the snow.

I absorbed the hyperbolic font of headlines
as I tossed papers from my sack.
The sink filled with gray water
as I washed up before school.
I felt like a spring in the machine of the world.

This week in Crain’s, I had a chance to write about Great Lakes Brewing Company for “The Dish” blog. I spent about 40 minutes chatting with Pat Conway, the cofounder, over beers in the new Beer Symposium. Among the insights he shared that didn’t make it into the story: Great Lakes is looking for a large, new warehouse and production facility outside of their Ohio City HQ (they’re landlocked where they are); he believes that craft beer can easily grow to about 20% of total beer market share by 2020; he and Dan don’t plan to sell the company anytime soon, and they wouldn’t take on outside investment from anyone who doesn’t share their values. So don’t look to Great Lakes to get plucked up by InBev or another corporate behemoth. Very cool dude, and a fun interview. I always like writing about beer, because it usually means I get to do “research.”

Here’s the story:

Great Lakes Brewing Co. launches brand refresh, new visitor center

Finally, I got to ride in Lennie Stover’s battered old truck with 300,000 miles on it as he gave me a tour of the proposed Red Line Greenway. So cool — I was really stunned by the scenery and potential here. Matt Koriath joined us as well. Check out my story in Fresh Water Cleveland.

Riding the rails of the (future) Red Line Greenway


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