Urban-oriented families: as school choices increase, so too does number of parents choosing city

When my wife and I became pregnant with our first child, I felt as though there was a ticking time bomb over my head. As much as we enjoyed our townhouse in the city, we knew that we would run out bedrooms if we decided to grow our family. And then there was the question of schools, a sheer cliff of anxiety looming on the not-too-distant horizon.

When our townhouse started to feel cramped with a walking toddler and a second on the way, we poked around the leafy neighborhoods of Shaker Heights. While charming, the curvy streets reminded me of a suburban Bermuda Triangle. The homes were stately yet dated, and the drone of leaf blowers filled the air. It wasn’t for us.

Instead, we found a roomy, renovated Victorian on W. Clinton Avenue in Detroit Shoreway, just a few blocks away from our EcoVillage townhouse. Gazing out from my front porch, the community felt like the one from my childhood. Neighbors swapped plants and held potlucks. There was a fantastic mix of people, more and more of whom were pushing strollers. Read more.


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