what I’ve been up to: the writing life, vol. 2

I wanted to share a few updates about marketing and communications projects that I’ve been working on and feature articles that I’ve written. As always, I appreciate your suggestions, referrals, story ideas and moral support!

This summer, I wrote a news release about CASH’s new foreclosure rehab program that was printed in the real estate section of the Plain Dealer. I just wrote a follow-up press release about the first green rehab that was completed.

In Fresh Water, Lawn and Landscape and a handful of other publications, I’ve recently written about sustainable landscaping companies, why people are moving downtown, innovative charter schools, mad bikers that don’t own cars, the rebuilt Allen Theatre and outside-the-box programs that get kids excited about writing.

In recent months I’ve also had the opportunity to work on editing and grant writing projects for a few new clients, including the award-winning charter school Citizens Academy and Planned Parenthood of Northeast Ohio.

In between gigs — whew! — I’ve been steadily updating my blog to include up-to-date work.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to being in touch soon.


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