homegrown national conference aims to make cleveland hub for marketing

The decline of traditional newspapers, rise of the Internet, and advent of social media has led to a dizzying media revolution in the past two decades. A new conference aims to help marketing and communications professionals to keep up with these fast-paced changes — and to make Cleveland a hub for marketing worldwide.

Content Marketing World, a first-ever national conference that will take place at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, aims to help businesses and nonprofits place storytelling at the center of their work and to create their own marketing channels to reach consumers rather than relying on traditional media.

“To create and attract customers, marketers need to create valuable, relevant, timely content,” says Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, a company headquartered in Cleveland, and organizer of the event. “Customers are bombarded by marketing all day long — more companies realize they need compelling content during all parts of the buying cycle.”

The event will feature more than 50 speakers from around the country, including bestselling authors David Meerman Scott and Sally Hogshead. Comedian and filmmaker Kevin Smith, who bucked Hollywood with the independent release of his early films and is set to release “Red State” this fall, is also part of the lineup.

Given the rich history of marketing and custom publishing firms rooted in the city, Pulizzi hopes to shine a spotlight on Cleveland’s content marketers — and to tout the city as a great place to do business.

“You don’t have to be in Hollywood or on Madison Avenue anymore to tell a good story,” he says. “Why not Cleveland?”

Content Marketing World takes place from Sept. 6th-8th.

Fresh Water Cleveland, 9/1/11


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