ecovillage-area recreation center to capture, reuse rainwater on site

When Zone Recreation Center’s 22 acres of green space reopen next year following a $2.5 million “green” facelift, the rainwater that falls there will be reused on site, rather than being funneled into sewers to pollute our lake, rivers and streams.

“We’re using it to rehydrate the park,” explains Ward 15 Councilman Matt Zone, who allocated funding for the park’s revitalization.

The redesigned park’s water conservation features will include permeable pavers that allow rainwater to filter into the ground (unlike most parking lots or hard surfaces, which send water cascading into the nearest sewer). “Bioswales” will also capture water and direct it into rain gardens, which will be seeded with native plants that don’t require a lot of mowing, chemicals or maintenance.

One area of the park will even feature a bridge traversing a rain garden, thus allowing visitors to look down into the garden and see how it works as they pass by.

Zone Rec’s new splash park will also recycle and reuse its own water. A filtration system will be installed to ensure that the water is cleaned before reuse.

The recreation center is located at W. 65th Street and Lorain Avenue in the Cleveland EcoVillage, a green community that is part of Cleveland’s Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. Other green-built projects in the area include new energy-efficient townhomes and single-family homes, a large community garden, and the energy-efficient RTA station on Lorain, which is a stop along the Red Line.

Fresh Water Cleveland, 7/14/11


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