What I’ve been up to: the writing life, vol. 1

My life has changed quite dramatically — and for the better — since January 2011. That’s when Katherine and I welcomed our second child, Nathan James, into the world. It’s also when I quit my day job to write — something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. While I’d worked on a number of fun projects at Shaker Square Area Development Corporation (SHAD), including helping them to secure a large grant to redevelop the Larchmere streetscape according to a new master plan, I’d reached a natural breaking point in my work. I knew it was time.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate to develop good relationships with the folks at Fresh Water Cleveland, where I serve as Development News Editor, and GIE Media, a biz mag publisher that hired me to write a monthly series about entrepreneurs in the lawn and landscape industry (many of which are implementing sustainability and green practices into their work).

I’ve also been writing about water conservation, young professionals finding success in the Cleve, and the story of migration and immigration in Cleveland for the Greater University Circle Neighborhood Voice, a community-based newspaper that launched a year ago.

I’ve written in-depth features for Fresh Water about plans for a fast-track velodrome in Slavic Village, the trend towards pop up retail in Cleveland and other cities and the ongoing transformation of Lorain Avenue in Ohio City, among other things.

Finally, I’ve been working with nonprofit organizations like Cleveland Action to Support Housing (CASH), Citizens Academy and the R.J. Wean Foundation to complete marketing materials that capture the stories behind their work.

Now that I’ve finished the first leg of my new journey, I’m happier than ever. I’m also always looking for new opportunities and ways to keep the writing going. If you’ve got a story idea or a freelance opportunity, please get in touch.

Hope your summer is going well, and thanks for reading.



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