historic shaker farmhouse is for sale – to right buyer

Shaker Heights is much older than the Van Sweringens, the brothers who developed the suburb (and the Terminal Tower) in the 1900s. The town’s original settlers include the North Union Shakers, the tightly-knit religious order for which the suburb was named, and early farmers who migrated here from New England.

Asa and Chloe Carter Upson were among Shaker’s earliest farming families. They migrated from Barkhamstead, Connecticut and built a farmhouse in 1836 in an area that was then rural. Their house, one of only 400 such properties still standing in Cuyahoga County, is located at 19027 Chagrin Boulevard.

Thanks to the nonprofit Cleveland Restoration Society (CRS), this rare piece of history has been preserved. David and Kristine Saudek, the house’s most recent owners, donated it to CRS in September. The Society spent several months bringing the home up to date by painting the exterior, repairing a cupola on the garage, and addressing minor carpentry and electrical issues.

The Upson house, priced at $97,500, is being offered for sale to “an individual who appreciates its significance and will honor its heritage,” according to the home’s sales materials. The home, which has been well cared for, has central air, first floor master bedroom, and a large living room with a wood-burning fireplace. The home will be conveyed with a restrictive covenant that protects its historic features.

Although it was remodeled in 1940 in the Colonial Revival style, the home has several features dating back to 1836, including some of the windows and doors, the gabled portion of the house, and wide-plank flooring in the upstairs bedrooms.




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