landmark detroit shoreway building gets second chance

When it comes to real estate, Howard Grandon believes in second chances. That’s why he’s transforming a former illicit nightclub on Detroit Avenue into market-rate apartments and storefronts, which he hopes will continue to breathe new life into an old neighborhood.

“I enjoy the creative aspect of taking something that’s old and forgotten and rejuvenating it,” Grandon explains. “We don’t need to throw our older buildings away — things can be better the second time around.”

Grandon and business partner Howard Rosekelly are renovating the former “Cheerios” building at 7312 Detroit into four market-rate second floor apartments and five additional first floor storefronts. The building takes its unofficial moniker from a nightclub of the same name that occupied the property. Until the team purchased the building, it sat vacant for seven years, all the while collecting trash. Once renovated, it will feature loft-style apartments that Grandson hopes will appeal to young professionals, artists and other individuals who want to live in the budding Gordon Square Arts District.

“We really like the area,” says Grandon. “We’re close to the arts district, Edgewater Park and Lake Erie, so we believe this is a great location.”

Read the complete article, published in Fresh Water Cleveland, by clicking here.


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